Intertextual Hub Collection Development Partners

The ARTFL Project has assembled an unparalleled collection of digital resources related to the French Eighteenth Century and Revolution upon which to base this pilot project.   All of the collections in the Intertextual Hub are either partially or wholly composed of data collected and enhanced with numerous partners in the United States and France.  Our work would not be possible without the continued collaboration of our partners.   We would like to acknowledge their contributions and direct attention to the specific project pages for more information regarding each collection.

The Newberry Library’s French Revolution Collection (FRC) has long been known.  In 2016-17, the Newberry put online the digitized version of these archives, releasing the text and page images of the entire collection.   We are pleased to host two versions of this extraordinary resource at  ARTFL, one of the entire collection and the second deduplicated and machine corrected subset of  26,445 volumes (121M words) for the period of the Revolution.

In collaboration with Stanford University, we have released 83 volumes of the Archive Parlementaires (AP), which is the daily legislative record from the beginning of the Revolution to the fall of Robespierre, containing all of the sessions, speeches, debates (in which speakers have been identified), documents, and appendices.

ARTFL and Stanford University, along with University of California at Berkeley and the New York Public Library, have also collaborated to develop Les Journaux de Marat, which contains 932 numbers of Marat’s Revolutionary journals.

Of critical importance to this project is the collection of French Revolutionary Laws, developed in long-term collaboration with researchers at Sorbonne University and the CNRS.  It currently  contains 56,000 laws and decrees, forming the complete record of legislation during the Revolutionary period.

ARTFL’s holdings of 18th-century collections are equally as broad and varied. The ARTFL Frantext database contains over 700 texts dating from 1700 to 1789, which offer significant representation of Enlightenment and counter-Enlightenment traditions.  ARTFL Frantext is the result of our very long term collaboration with ATILF.   For this project, we supplemented the ARTFL Frantext holdings with the complete works of Rousseau, Voltaire, d’Holbach, and Diderot.  We also added the 1780 edition of the Abbé Raynal’s Histoire philosophique des deux Indes

ARTFL has worked with Gale Cengage to include the salient documents from two important collections in this project as well as earlier research efforts.  We have included almost 5,000 texts related to political economy published in French found in the GoldSmith’s Kress collection and more than 2,800 French imprints, primarily published in London, found in Eighteenth Century Collections Online collection.